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4 years ago

Episode 50

Kick off your week with the Elite Muzik Radio, Your Weekly Dose Of Smooth Hip-Hop, R&B And Electro-Soul. Episode 50 features fresh blends and music from the likes of KAYTRANADA, Brittany Merrills, Cadence Weapon, Evil Needle & Mo Vibez, Slackin' Beats, SBTRKT, Mikala, LOVE MANSUY, Stanzah!, Tom & Laura Misch, The Love Below, KinKai and more.

Vibe out to the latest episode.


Introduction (0:00) Elite Muzik Radio Intro (0:48) LockJaw BW No Scrubs (1:05) One In A Million BW Into You (3:50) Mikala — Save Your Love (7:15) The Flexican - I Cruise I Rule (Wantigga Remix) (9:38) Brittany Merrills - Love Wave (prod. by Marrice Anthony) (Elite Muzik Premier) (12:20) Cadence Weapon — My Crew (Woooo) (produced by KAYTRANADA) (15:22) Fishing - Pleasure Dome (17:42) Idris Miles - FLGHT (19:45) FKJ - Skyline (21:33) KinKai — Ambience w/ LAYFULLSTOP. (23:30) MadD3E - P For Popping (25:36) Stanzah! — Inside... (28:10) Bhonstro - Solace Grey (30:03) Evil Needle & Mo Vibez - Move (Red Bull Studios Paris Exclusive) (31:32) hazeldizzy — Wachugondoo (34:37) OKBADLANDS — PTY LTD (36:58) Slackin' Beats - bad and boujee ("the funk shall be within u" edit) (39:44) The Trp — before you know it (42:17) PWNDTIAC - Don't Go Away (Muneshine Remix) (44:11) The Click - Puzzle Piece (feat. Afika Nx) (46:36) LOVE MANSUY — Sun Valley (50:21) Tom & Laura Misch - Follow (FloFilz Remix) (52:27) katuchat — I'll Be Alright (55:49) SBTRKT — Bad Blood (SBTRKT Remix) (57:34) The Love Below — Manuvers - Keep Risin' (feat. Induce) (1:01:34) KEKE — Many Things (1:04:39) Jessica Jarrell — Come Closer (feat KR) (Produced by Dem Joint) (1:07:34) Tinashe — Sex With Me (Exclusive Remix) (1:10:54) Justine Skye — DANCE (1:12:29) Mike Kalombo X Malachiae Warren - Trust Me (1:14:52) Air Kalo — Beat It Up (Slow Jam Remix) (1:17:00) Mark Johns — PRBLMS (Mark Johns Edit Prod. Judge) (1:19:20) Outro (1:23:07)

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