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4 years ago

Episode 49

Kick off your week with the Elite Muzik Radio, Your Weekly Dose Of Smooth Hip-Hop, R&B And Electro-Soul. Episode 49 features music from the likes of Syd, Saba, Purple Ferdinand, Chris McClenney, nobigdyl, Rick Wilson and more.

Vibe out to the episode in full.


Introduction Live From Wilkinsburg (0:00) nobigdyl. — Tree Tops (0:42) SiR - The Canvas (prod. by D.K. the Punisher) (3:25) T H I D A N I E L — Don't Trip Chill Vibe (5:55) Purple Ferdinand — Intertwined (8:13) Matt Martians - Dent Jusay (feat. Syd) (10:33) Pink Matter Live at Le Zenith (12:29) Chris McClenney — Untitled (Funk #2) (15:53) Problem — Don't Want No Smoke (feat. Taxstone) (18:09) TUAMIE (Fly Anakin x Koncept Jack$on) - Puerto Rican Land Rover (22:23) May YellaSoul — Lifetime : One of Nine (24:21) Chloe Martini - Candy (26:28) Overdoz. - Oldie but Goodie (prod. by Mike&Keys) (28:43) grimelabinc — DoubleCups (JonBlaze) (31:12) Pete Flux & Parental — What They Need (DJ Spinna Remix) (33:21) Wave Groove - Magnetic Paper (TCC BP3) (35:37) JAVIER — Scenery Ft Onesoul (Prod By Onesoul & Koz) (37:46) Shagabond & Maddee - Weight (39:12) Ric Wilson — Whippin (Prod. James Gent) (41:23) SABA — World In My Hands (feat. Smino & LEGIT) (Prod. by Saba, Phoelix, + daedaeCHAD) (43:31) Rahzan — Warming Up (47:03) BVRGER - Strangers (Alistair Remix) (49:55) whereisalex — new ways to long for you. (52:12) Suleman - All Night prod. Suleman Band (54:16)

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