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4 years ago

Episode 52

Kick off your week with the Elite Muzik Radio, Your Weekly Dose Of Smooth Hip-Hop, R&B And Electro-Soul. Episode 52 features music from the likes of Pat Lok, Semaj Regah, Falco Benz, twuan bmb, Anna Wise, LAKIM, IAMNOBODI, Daye Jack, Mélat, Jamie Isaac, A.CHAL and more

Semaj Regah - ShoveIt (WaveV$Wave) (2:08) Pat Lok — Love FM (3:59) Jay Vegas — Jay Vegas - Can U Feel It (5:57) Falco Benz - Like Today (7:24) Isgoood - Second Place (Original Mix) (10:03) ColeCo - You're So Fine - TH001EP (12:32) Magnetic Soul - Cruisin' (MCFT010 24bit Mstr) (15:48) A.CHAL — To The Light (20:30) mar|co — Good Morning (feat. Kaiiak) (22:24) twuan bmb ~ Make Me Wonder (24:54) Migos - Dab Of Ranch (26:51) Pries — No Chaser (29:15) Anna Wise — Coconuts (31:03) IAMNOBODI & Insightful - Wassup (34:10) LAKIM — BANKS - Fuck With Myself (LAKIM Remix) (36:06) HH — nights flip (39:00) Mozaic (AGO) — I-95 Music (Late Night) (41:04) Ashton McCreight — more time yeh (44:46) Mélat — No Bad News (Mélat x The SEVENth) (46:37) Milky Wayv — Bobby Earth - The Corner (feat. Choice & Tarron Overshown) (48:49) Remi 'REMI' Kolawole. — Lose Sleep (feat. Jordan Rakei) (51:09) Cherrie - Aldrig Igen (må sådär) Ft. Stormzy (54:06) yng — no less ~ sg lewis (@yngsnd edit) (58:02) Mr. Manuvers — Behind The Curtain - Feat. Jayjohero (1:00:32) FORTUNE — Ur Body (1:02:35) MMYYKK — Paris [Supernatural Edit] (1:04:14) Jamie Isaac - Find The Words (ft. Salomon Faye) (1:06:56) Daye Jack — Supernatural Remix (feat. Donmonique) (1:09:51) WavinLane - Introvert (WaveV$Wave) (1:12:06)

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