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4 years ago


Episode 6 of Season 2 features music from Che Ecru, esta., PXVCE, $teezus, fwknr, Jay Cass, BerjaBeatz and much more. Stream the episode in full and be sure to check out www.elitemuzik.net

1.Che Ecru - You (1:38) 2.esta. — catalina dea (3:42) 3.Men I Trust - Lauren (Fung Sway Remix) (5:40) 4.James p — rock tha boat (7:57) 5.André - Amoré (10:03) 6.Wiley - Boom Boom Da Na (Remix) (11:29) 7.esta. — st.dwn (14:05) 8.Jay Cass — untitled [no dought radio intro] (16:30) 9.APACHE — Bad And Boujee Remix (19:09) 10.fwknr - Bring It Back (Edit) (21:14) 11.BlaqxsagaBeats — moonlight. (23:21) 12.Hozay Wavy Check-In (24:11) 13.HRUANKM - Mind Body Soul (AMARUALMIGHTY13) (24:16) 14.Alpabeats — walk enemies (Edit)* (25:57) 15.PXVCE — Belly (Pxvce Flip) (27:10) 16.BerjaBeatz — Nothings Never Negative (29:21) 17.Brown Lotus — Chill Villains (prod. Handbook) (30:11) 18.travonpotts — Uplift Dance (33:21) 19.Maliboo — Barter De Frente (35:49) 20.$teezus — dna (@McSmartAss REMIX) (37:53) 21.Pimp Panther - Lord Dutch Barbosa Ft. Richie Po (Prod. Bootleg) (39:52) 22.Kavindy — THOUGHTS 4 A:M:² (42:24) 23.Congratulations Edit (43:57) 24.brkly — foreign chick (46:14) 25.Rizo — Gold Dust (prod. by the Dreamcatchers) (48:22)

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